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Clutch Pressure Plate

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Clutch Pressure Plate MD727707 MITSUBISHI  


Parts Clutch Pressure Plate
OEM MD727707
Unit PCS
Catalog Clutch>>Clutch Pressure Plate
Remarks Outside diameter:240 mm
Inside diameter:150 mm
Assembly diameter:294 mm

What is Clutch Pressure Plate?

Part of the clutch assembly which is pressed against the clutch disc by the clutch springs to transmit the drive

OE number MD727707 for the Clutch Pressure Plate this applies to the following car brands:MITSUBISHI


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Model Engine Chassis CC KW CYL Type Year
MITSUBISHISTARION (A18_A)1982/05 - 1990/06
STARION (A18_A) 2.6 Turbo ECi (A187A) G54B T/C 2555 114 Coupe 87.09 - 90.06

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